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The Introvert’s Guide to More Confidence

As introverts, it can feel really outside our comfort zone to exude confidence. As a leader, though, it’s our job to be confident in our decisions, actions, and plans for moving forward.

So how do you embody confidence as an introvert?

Some people have natural confidence in any and all environments. I’m not one of those people. If you are someone that naturally shows up with confidence and charisma, you don’t need to keep reading this.

I teach and inspire those who struggle with building their inner confidence. I help people who need to learn and practice confidence consistently so that they feel more comfortable showing up in their leadership position.

More often than not, the people I speak to and mentor are also introverts.

As I’ve noticed this theme, I’ve also realized that introverts have a lot to offer and can become highly confident people, it just may look a little different than the extroverted folks.

If you can find your most confident body posture or power position, embrace the one-on-one interactions you’re so good at, and know what you bring to the fight, then you’re going to be able to spark your inner confidence and watch it grow to new heights.

If you are introverted in nature and in a leadership position, keep reading to learn how to find your inner confidence.

1. Find your power position!

There are times, in some situations, that I feel like I lack confidence from head to toe. As an introvert, an observer, and a sometimes perfectionist, I know it can be hard to speak up and get the attention you require from others to be heard.

The best way I’ve found to give myself a boost of confidence before I have to speak, present, or command a team, is to make my body confident first.

It may sound corny or cliché, but power positions really work! These power poses are a great place to start and have helped me tremendously throughout my career. When we put our bodies in a position of confidence, we can’t help but feel confident too.

It’s a quick way to spark confidence because you are using your body to override your feelings of insecurity and let your system know that it’s time to feel empowered!

According to clinical trials and research done at Ohio State, Harvard, and Columbia University, it has been determined that

“striking certain poses can actually stimulate hormone changes within the body that can leave a person feeling more powerful and confident.”

When you choose to simply stand tall, with your shoulders back and chin up, you’ll realize you’re able to follow up with confidence because your body is already

halfway there. Not only will you begin to feel more confident, you will be seen by others as more confident. Picture someone walking into a room in a slouch. Now picture a second person walking in with their shoulders back and chin up. Automatically you believe the second one is more confident.

When you lead confidently, people listen and pay attention and this allows you to get your message across and gain respect and authority quickly.

And, as introverts, power poses are an easy and comfortable way to spark your confidence without going over the top. You can practice your power positions from the comfort of your own home or if you’re in a pinch, even in a bathroom stall!

2. There is power in the one-on-one’s

Sometimes, as introverts, we compare ourselves to the very obvious (sometimes very loud) tendencies and behaviors of an extrovert.

I know I do.

The truth is, though, one of the great things about introverts is that we love having one-on-one conversations.

And we’re good at it!

The key to finding your inner confidence as an introvert is to focus on where your strengths are, instead of comparing your weaknesses to other people’s strengths.

One of your strengths as an introvert is your ability to relate to others in a more intimate setting. Sure, we can stand up and give a speech if we need to (and will likely prepare for it instead of winging it), but our real power lies in our ability to connect with others one-on-one.

It’s okay to find confidence in this!

It is a real talent to be able to connect, empathize, and really get to know your team and those around you. And this is not something to be overlooked. This is a superpower you have that maybe your extroverted colleagues don’t, so don’t be afraid to let it shine.

Instead of worrying about your inability to be charismatic or totally wing a presentation, prepare for those things and give yourself space to do what comes naturally… connecting one-on-one with others.

3. Know what you bring to the fight

Do you know what you bring to the fight?

If you don’t, it’s important to get clear on it.

Knowing your strengths and contributions to your business or team is essential to finding your inner confidence. A lot of times this is not something that comes naturally to some people, so it might take some work.

If you don’t know what you bring to the fight, start simple. Make a list of all the achievements, accomplishments, and accolades you have that make you qualified for the position or role you’re in. List anything and everything that holds some relevance or importance to you.

When you feel like you’re lacking confidence, revisit the list and add to it! Sometimes we let imposter syndrome get in the way of the real facts. And the truth is: you’re in your position for a reason. Own those reasons!

When you really realize all the things you bring to the metaphorical table, you’ll start speaking out at the real table.

I know what it’s like to not speak up in a boardroom because you think you don’t know the answer or haven’t had enough time to work it out in your head. A lot of times, the extroverts of the world will quickly half-answer the question.

Meanwhile, your answer, although not totally complete, was better than what they shouted out.

As introverts we are a little hogtied because we sit back and think about things before we answer. When we have confidence, we know our answer is good enough and we can answer with conviction. That type of assuredness can go a long way and people will begin to respect your answers and authority.

When you have confidence in yourself, you’ll stop hesitating and start speaking. Start showing others what you bring to the table.

Find your inner confidence

Confidence can look different for everyone, especially introverts.

For introverts, our version of confidence might be quieter, more relaxed, and backed by knowledge and preparation. This looks different from the type of confidence you see from extroverts where they might enter a room with energy, can wing a killer presentation, and are always the first to shout out an answer.

It’s important to remember that you are unique and however you find confidence in yourself is the best way for you.

The way you act, speak, and make decisions confidently may look different from those around you, but the most important thing to remember is that you are a badass and you got to where you are for a reason.

If you’d like me to speak to your team of leaders or organization about how to build confidence in the workplace, book with me today.


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