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Breaking Through: How to Get Unstuck

Feeling stuck is an all too familiar feeling for many of us. It can be frustrating and demotivating, both in our personal and professional lives. Yet, being stuck doesn't mean you're doomed to stay there forever. It can be the perfect time to reassess and reevaluate. It can propel you toward achieving great things. 

The first step when feeling this way is to understand what you are feeling. There are two different kinds of stuck: micro-stuck and macro-stuck. 

Micro-stuck is feeling unmotivated by small tasks. This can include the day-to-day of emails, client calls, and checking in on project needs. The feeling of  “I should do this, but…” is normal. 

Being held back by the challenges that have bigger life changes, is being macro-stuck. These come in thoughts like, "Should I ask for more?" “Should I get a new job?” The fears that come with these thoughts are what hold us back from achieving great things.

The good news is, that with the right tools, you can overcome this. Here are 3 ways to get unstuck and achieve great things.  

  1. Identify the Root Cause

The first step in getting unstuck is to pinpoint what's holding you back. Is it fear of failure, lack of motivation, or uncertainty about the next steps? By identifying the root cause of your stagnation, you can better address it head-on. 

A lot of the time when we get stuck, we tighten up and restrict. We let the stress of not wanting to take the next step lead the way. Stress causes our brains to be more reactionary. This can mean that when stressed, leaders can only see black and white choices. This limits their options. In these moments, we jump to early conclusions. We don’t make the best decisions for ourselves or our teams when reacting to stress. 

The way around this is to take a deep breath and relax. Step away from your desk, go for a walk, go do something else. Breathe, clear your mind. Reset. 

When I am feeling overwhelmed and stuck, I know I need to step away before making any decisions. I go for a walk with my dogs or even fold laundry if I have to. I know that to take a step forward I have to take a step back and do something different. 

  1. Set Clear Goals 

Once you've identified the obstacles, it's time to set clear, achievable goals. These goals should be specific, measurable, and realistic. Break them into smaller tasks. This makes them less daunting and more doable. 

Start with where you want to be then work backwards. Break it down until you find that first little step that feels easy. Focus on doing nothing but that first step. Taking any step will move you forward. Once you’ve taken your first step, take a moment and celebrate.  Give yourself a mental pat on the back.  Then, you can think about taking your second step. The individual tasks that are part of any major project take practice. You can’t expect to perfect them for the first time when you are aiming at something significant. Take it one step at a time and have patience with yourself.    

For me, this step looks like thinking about what I need to do and then writing it down. This makes my steps feel more real and actionable. Setting little goals helps us be accountable to ourselves. If we’re thinking about it all the time, it’s not as effective. Think about it, write it down, and set a date. This date can adjust, but committing to working towards it is still making progress. 

  1. Take Action 

Taking action is the hardest step and the one that holds most people back. But, it's not enough to set goals; you must also take action to achieve them. Procrastination hurts progress. Commit to taking small, steady steps each day. Remember, progress, no matter how small, is still progress. 

If you’ve made the first steps so easy then it’s silly if you don’t take action to make them happen.

Being accountable is an important aspect of personal and professional growth. We have a responsibility to ourselves to try. It reminds us that we can achieve great things. It reminds us how badass we are. 

Staying Unstuck. 

Having the tools to reset is the push many of us need to reach our potential. But, what about when you need more than 3 steps to get unstuck? 

Here are some additional ways you can find the motivation to keep reaching for your goals:   

  • Embrace Failure: Failure is an inevitable part of any journey toward success. Instead of fearing it, embrace it as an opportunity to learn and grow. 

  • Seek Inspiration: Surround yourself with sources of inspiration and motivation. 

  • Practice Self-Compassion: Be kind to yourself during the process. Getting unstuck and achieving great things takes time and effort. 

  • Stay Flexible: Flexibility is key when it comes to navigating obstacles and setbacks. Be willing to adapt and adjust your approach as needed. 

  • Celebrate Progress: Finally, don't forget to celebrate your progress along the way. Acknowledge and celebrate each milestone you reach, no matter how small.  

Feeling stuck is a natural part of the journey toward achieving great things. With the right mindset and strategies, you can break through those barriers. You can unleash your full potential. You can overcome obstacles by finding why you're stuck, setting clear goals, and taking action. You can achieve the greatness you're capable of. So, what are you waiting for? It's time to break through and reach new heights. 

Are you ready to achieve great things? Let’s connect! 


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