Anyone can be a great leader!


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Let engineer, entrepreneur, naval officer and speaker

Jenn Donahue teach you how to lead under pressure. 

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Get help from the best: Jenn Donahue will help you lead under pressure….no matter the conditions around you.

Jenn – a Navy veteran,  civil engineer, and business founder -- has borne many responsibilities:

  • Naval Officer — in charge of 1400 Navy personnel and 3 battalions

  • Operations engineer—with high-profile projects from $6 to $64 million

  • Teacher—at UC Berkeley and UCLA

  • Mentor—because she believes in advancing others

  • Leadership speaker—with proprietary tools and frameworks

Over the last 25 years, Jenn’s work has always included helping rising leaders achieve their greatest potential.


Start your new journey to achieving more than you dreamed possible.